Creators of the Furrific Way: Our unique, 4-step process we use to promote health. 

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We believe that Health is Beauty. Proper Dog grooming, tailored to fit your needs! 
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Step 1: Build Rapport - This is the "handshake" before the groom, comparable to a dentist giving you a warm greeting before starting. Investing some time before the groom to establish trust and respect will help the entire grooming session be pleasant and enjoyable. 

Step 2: Detoxification - This is the most important step in the grooming process. Carding (removing excess/dead undercoat) the coat helps to clear the pores ensuring the water and shampoo will have room to clean the follicles. It is like taking off our dirty clothes before a shower, or pre-scrubbing the dishes before running the dishwasher. The bath is to condition and clean the skin, not the hair - healthy hair does no good without healthy skin beneath it. It is healthy skin that produces a healthy, bright coat. 

Step 3: Hydration - In this step we incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concepts by applying gentle pressure along the acupressure points in the canine body. We call this an Acupressure Massage Bath with all natural shampoos and conditioners made by Envirogroom. A thorough rinse is crucial to a smooth finish. 

Step 4: Stying & Finish - We hand-dry each dog to achieve maximum quality - that soft, fluffy finish! We also hand scissor, handstrip and style the dog to the breed's standard, or tailor it to each owner's specific needs. 

The Furrific Way:

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