Furrific Spaw: Dog Grooming in Atlanta

Creators of The Furrific Way: a unique 4-step process we follow to ensure excellent, quality Results.

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We offer proper grooming and provide quality results by following our unique 4-step process: The Furrific Way

Step 1: Build Rapport - It is very important to introduce/greet a dog properly and with respect. Especially when asking them for their trust and cooperation during a groom. 

Step 2: Skin Prep - Only a healthy skin that is functioning properly can produce a bright and beautiful coat. Properly carding the coat, clearing all the buildup and dead hairs out of the pores, prior to the bath ensures proper conditioning of the canine skin and coat. 

Step 3: Acupressure Massage Bath - To provide a calm, relaxing experience that promotes natural healing and inner peace we begin with an all-natural cranberry facial massage. Then we apply acupressure massage techniques as we lather and condition the coat with all natural, plant-derived/fruit-based products.

Step 4: Scissor Finish - The way to achieve a smooth finished look is by skillfully scissoring the proper the angles and shaping the curves, or by hand-stripping certain coat types. 

We believe that proper grooming involves working with nature, and nature requires our time and effort. only a proper groom can stand the test of time. 

FurrIfic Spaw: Dog Grooming